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The Olympic Games Mexico City 1968 Are Remembered as One of The Most Iconic Editions in History, And Their Legacy Has Become an Integral Part of The City’s Daily Life. As Mexico Celebrates The 50th Anniversary of The Games, Many of The Venues Used for The Games Have Been Renovated to Ensure Their Continued Use by Generations to Come, And to Preserve the Memory of Some of The Most Extraordinary Moments in Olympic History.


At the centre of the 1968 Olympic Games 50th anniversary celebrations is the University City Olympic Stadium. This is where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies took place, as well as the athletics and equestrian events, and also where the marathon finished. Parts of the 1968 Opening Ceremony were recently re-lived at the Stadium as part of the celebrations.

It was here that America’s Bob Beamon stunned crowds with his sensational, record-breaking 8.90m long jump back in 1968, and his compatriot Dick Fosbury introduced a new, backward arch high-jumping technique – dubbed the “Fosbury Flop” – which revolutionised the sport. Since then, the Stadium has continued to host national and international sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup in 1986 and the annual IAAF Mexico City International Marathon.

Twenty one out of 23 Olympic competition venues remain in use today, and the remaining two venues, which were built before the Olympic Games, have since been dismantled. Six venues have been renovated as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations to provide a better service to their users. The Magdalena Mixhuca Sports Complex – the 1968 Olympic Park – has grown to span nearly three kilometres since the Games, and includes a variety of sports facilities, many of them originally built for the Games. A giant set of Olympic rings was recently revealed at the complex, reminding visitors of the rich legacy of the Games.

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